Depending on the season and type, people will choose the right hot or cold temperatures when enjoying sake. Usually people use the heat of the season, the heat is cold or cold or cold. The hot sake, called Atsukan, is used in small pots called Tokkuri and uses a small cup called Choko. In order to warm Sake must be in accordance with the principle, they are transferred Sake to be stored in the pottery, the bottle is soaked in hot water gradually until reaching 50 degrees or more.

In addition, many types of Sake are specially made to drink cold. Sake is also classified as female or male. Male Sake is made from hard water, rich in calcium and magnesium salts, tastes bitter. Female sake is made with soft water, soothing.

Enjoy Sake must use the right kind of cup, there are many different types used to enjoy Sake. When drinking Sake in a solemn and traditional way, the Japanese can use a small plate and a shallow dish called Sakazuki, or a small cup without a strap called Ochoko. Solemn and more traditional, the Japanese use a wooden cup called Masu. Masu is usually shaped like a box, square, can be painted or not. In addition, Sake can be taken with glass.

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